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July 2023 Trestle Board

Greetings Brothers,

I hope all is well for everyone and trying to keep cool from this heat wave. I was so pleased with the attendance at our Stated Meeting. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting such a nice crowd and was happily surprised. We were treated with another fine meal prepared by our JW Steven.

We were honored with the presence of Senior Grand Warden RW Acy Flora, Junior Grand Warden RW Ebbie Hodges, our very own 10th District Deputy Grand Master RW Kyle Smathers, and Junior Grand Deacon Joe Corley. It’s always nice when we see them.

The meeting started in the standard manner with introduction of the visitors and the mention of our sick and distressed Brothers and families. Prayers were said for all those mentioned and not mentioned.

The minutes were read and approved. A motion and second followed to make our annual donation to the George Washington Memorial and the motion passed.

There were no Petitions to read, but we did vote on 3 Brothers to receive their Master Mason Degree, and they were elected.

Earlier this year we were mandated by the Grand Lodge with rewriting our By-Laws (but not changing anything) to put them into a specific format. RW Ray Boland took on the task and has completed it. The By-laws were then submitted to the Grand Lodge for approval.

One of our goals for this year is to identify and contribute to some worthy causes. We found one that is the Nancy K. Perry Children Center, which takes in children who are Wards of the State. These children are taken in with just the clothes on their back. They literally have no family or place to go. A motion was made and seconded to make a contribution to the center and it passed. I am so proud of our Brothers for doing that.

JW Steven reminded everyone about our upcoming Chicken BBQ on August 12th and that he has tickets. He has already purchased everything needed except the perishables. The thing we need first is to cut wood and fill the pits. Of course we need a good group of workers to do this task that have chainsaws, wood splitters, and trucks/trailers. We can do this in a few hours with enough people. The date is Saturday, July 22nd at 7:30am. The wood is at RW Bill Bouknight’s home located at Shady Grove Rd. in Irmo. For those who don’t know where that is, we will leave the Boyleston Lodge parking lot and head over there at 7:30am.

Work for the Month

Thursday July 20th Master Mason Degree dine at 6:30pm meeting at 7:00pm

This will be a Past Master’s night so we will have 2 practices to get everything coordinated.

The first practice will be Wed. July 12th 7:00pm at the lodge

The second practice will be Wed. July 19th 7:00pm at the lodge.

Any questions about taking a part, contact RW Ron Lockaby.

Brothers, our plan is a few Brothers are going to open the lodge before we eat and then go to refreshment to eat and that will save time. If you notice we are starting the meeting at 7:00pm in order to finish in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, this is the last degree work for 2 months as we have nothing in the “pipeline”.

Please don’t forget next month on August 18th our District Deputy, RW Kyle Smathers, is having his annual Inspirational Dinner. The guest speaker will be our very own Sheriff Leon Lott, who is a member of this Lodge. Please bring your sweetheart and anybody you might think would want to become a Mason. RW Kyle even has some music planned. It’s going to be a very nice event.

Please plan on attending all our upcoming events. Your attendance makes it better


Jud B. Close, PM Worshipful Master, 2023

July 2023 Trestle Board
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