Because the Stewards are the low guys on the totem pole of the officers' line, they do much of the grunt work. They're the Junior Warden's assistants, and they help to set up the lodge room. They prepare all new candidates before entering the lodge for their degree rituals, and escort them to the lodge room, where the Senior Deacon takes over. They may also be the kitchen and wait staff of the lodge, and the janitors, which means they're chomping at the bit to move up to the Junior Warden's job.

The Stewards, like the Deacons, also carry rods, in imitation of England's Lord High Steward's rod in the House of Lords. The rods are also topped with the jewels of their offices.

The Stewards' officers jewels are the same: a Cornucopia, or "horn of plenty", symbolizing — what else? — lots of food. Masons love to eat, and will find any excuse they can to have a breakfast, luncheon, or dinner to commemorate just about anything.