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Junior Warden


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The Junior Warden sits in the South, symbolic of the position of the Sun at mid-day. Because he represents the Sun at lunchtime, he metaphorically supervises the Craftsmen when they are at recess, or refreshment. He is the number three officer in the lodge hierarchy, and he also may open the lodge, if the Worshipful Master is unable to attend the meeting. The Worshipful Master and the two elected Wardens (the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden) are the only officers who may open a meeting. Only a Grand Lodge officer may override this requirement.

The Junior Warden is often in charge of arranging meals for the lodge, and the Stewards traditionally act as his assistants. One of the Junior Warden's symbolic jobs is to make certain that the members "do not convert their refreshment into intemperance or excess." In most U.S. jurisdictions, alcohol is barred from the lodge, but the ceremonial reference to earlier days remains part of the Junior Warden's job description.

The Junior Warden's jewel of office is the Plumb, a stonemason's instrument used for checking the alignment of a vertical surface. It symbolizes upright behavior among Masons.

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