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Junior Deacon


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The Junior Deacon sits to the right of the Senior Warden in the West, guarding the door to the Lodge. He is the messenger of the Senior Warden, as well as the Lodge "doorman". It is his job to be certain the Tyler is guarding the door on the outside, and he allows visitors to enter, after they've been properly vouched for. He and the Tyler communicate with each other by knocking back and forth on either side of the closed door.

Both the Senior and Junior Deacon carry long staffs, or rods. Because they are messengers of the lodge, the rods they carry are symbolic of the caduceus, or wand, that the Roman winged god and messenger, Mercury, carried. The rods are topped by their jewels of office, to match the ones on their collars.

The Junior Deacon's jewel of office is the Square and Compass with a Moon in the center, similar to his senior counterpart. The difference is that the Junior Deacon's jewel has a Moon in the center, signifying that he is stationed in the West.

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