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June 2021 Trestle Board

Greetings Brothers,

After looking back at my records I see that this is the first time I have put out a Trestle Board since February 2020. We are back!!!! I want to start out by saying it feels good to get back to having a regular agenda to include degree work and meals. Who would have thought that March 2020 would be our last regular meeting for such a long period of time. I’m proud of all the Brothers who hung in there and are coming back to enjoy the camaraderie of our Lodge. I’ve visited a few Lodges since we’ve “opened back up” and noticed that there is a lot of visitation between Lodges which tells me everyone is anxious to get back.

We just concluded our June Stated Meeting and had a very nice crowd. We enjoyed a great meal prepared by Bro. Tom and the kitchen crew ,and as I observed everyone eating and enjoying each others’ company, it gave me pause to appreciate what we’ve all been missing. A special thank you to RW Bill for supplying pecans so Linda Amick could bake those delicious pecan pies and husband Bro. Glenn for supplying the ice cream.

We started our meeting in the usual manner and had the honor of an Official Visit from our newly appointed District Deputy Grand Master 10th Masonic District RW Ronnie Thompson.

RW Ronnie greeted everyone warmly and gave an open invitation for everyone who has any questions pertaining to the Grand Lodge to please contact him.

Last month was our first full month, and we had (3) candidates take their EA degree, given by our SW Caleb Pozsik, who did a fine job. Later in the month, we had (4) Brothers take their MM degree given by RW Ron Lockaby in the first half, and RW Bill Bouknight KS in the second half. We had a large crowd who saw fine degree work. To their credit, these (4) Brothers waited over 14 months to finally be raised to Master Mason.

Back to the June meeting: (2) Petitions for Membership were read and committees assigned. We also balloted on (1) for EA degree, (3) for FC degree and (1) MM degree (courtesy work done by Pacific Lodge). Which tells us that there are still men wanting to join our Fraternity.

Under Old Business, the Lodge has seen the need and approved the purchase of an updated security system. SW Caleb has taken on the responsibility of purchasing and installing the system.

Under New Business, the big topic was the annual Chicken BBQ. After much discussion, it was decided that it will take place on Saturday September 11th, so we will start making plans for this to happen. The pits have been loaded for 14 months so the wood has dried out and that’s one of the concerns we face as we always use green wood.

Another subject brought up was the care of the Lodge grounds. The Brothers who have been doing this (only 3 or 4) have been doing it every 2 weeks on Tuesday. They decided to do this on Saturday so that more Brothers could help out. It isn’t fair that these few guys do all the work. We need more Brothers with string trimmers to show up and lighten the load. From now on I will email a reminder on Thursday before the work day so more people will participate.

For Masonic Education, RW Ron Lockaby gave a refresher on the use of the AED Heart Defibrillator that we have installed in our dining hall.

The secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were read and in good order.

Work for the Month

Thursday June 10th - EA Degree - Dine at 6:30pm, Meeting at 7:30pm

Practice for EA Wednesday 6:30pm at the Lodge

Thursday June 17th - FC Degree - Dine at 6:30pm, Meeting at 7:30pm

We’re not sure the Brothers will be ready, we will send an email one way or the other.

Tuesday June 22nd - MM Degree at Pacific Lodge - Dine at 6:30pm, Meeting at 7:30pm

Pacific will need help with the 2nd half, so let’s support them - especially since they’re

doing courtesy work for us. We will caravan from Boyleston, leaving at 6:00pm

Tuesday June 29th - Square & Compass Club Meeting at Lexington Lodge - Dine at 6:30pm,

All Master Masons are invited.

Jud Close

Worshipful Master 2020 & 2021

2020 & 2021 Boyleston Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master

Jud B. Close

Senior Warden

Caleb Pozsik

Junior Warden

Cole Smith


RW Ron Lockaby


RW Bill Bouknight

Senior Deacon

Richard "Rick" Dillard

Junior Deacon

Danny Hughes


Christopher Johnson

Senior Steward

Chris Faircloth

Junior Steward

Michael Roberts


Frank Eargle


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