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July 2022 Trestle Board

Hey Brothers!

Sorry for the late Newsletter! Better late than never…

On Thursday, July 7, 2022, we held our regular business meeting at our normal time with a great group of Brothers, a great dinner, and a crowd of 49!

Happy Birthday America! 246 years young.

As we do during all of our meetings, we discussed health and happiness, sickness and distressed, correspondence received, read the name(s) for two (2) petitions for membership and one (1) petition for reinstatement, and investigation committees were established for all three. The Meeting Minutes from June 2022 were read aloud, Old business was discussed, new business was introduced, Secretary’s report was given, and the Treasure’s report was read.

New and Old Business:

Junior Warden, Brother Rick Dillard reported that tickets for the second Chicken Bar-B-Que Fundraising Event are now on sale and are available for $12.00 per ticket!

As a reminder, Mark your calendars. Our next Chicken Bar-B-Que Fundraising Event will be held Saturday; August 13th, 2022. Preparation day will be Friday, August 12th, 2022. If anyone has any questions, please communicate with Brother Dillard at

To ensure the complete success of the upcoming Chicken Bar-B-Que, I would like to appeal to any and all Brothers who have participated and performed tasks executing these events. As we discovered during our Planning Session(s) earlier in the year, we are extremely reliant on a handful of key individuals who have and hold the knowledge of organizing and completing these tasks. This knowledge was (and is) hard to extract but easy to share and teach. With that in mind, I would like to request that those individuals who possess this knowledge use this event as a teaching opportunity. Not that we want to become less reliant on those Brothers, but that we can begin to share this knowledge with less experienced Brothers who have a vested interest in learning, and who are ready and willing to follow your lead!

Between now and the August Business Meeting Brother Rick will be identifying and reaching out to some of those Brothers and requesting that he delegate the duties identified from the Planning Session(s). If you know that you are one of those Brothers and would like to confirm your commitment prior to being contacted, please communicate with either Caleb Pozsik at, Rick Dillard at, Steve Lourigan at, or the Boyleston email address at

As has been discussed during the last few Business Meetings, several of the maintenance items around the Lodge presented have now been completed. The removable metal window coverings have now been installed on the Cook Shed Windows. Brother Trey Meetze, Building Committee Chair, completed the installation during the last week of June and has offered to educate those who are interested in learning how to remove and reinstall the metal panels. If interested please email The White Wooden Fence which parallels the railroad tracks along the rear of the parking lot has also been removed and disposed of. The existing concrete wheel stops which had begun to become buried and migrate down the side of the embankment have also been reset and anchored along the top of the parking lot. Thank you to Brother Trey and All of the Brothers who attended the Lodge Work Day on the morning of July 9th who helped clean up and rehabilitate our facilities.

A motion to plant and install cypress trees as a screening along the approximate location of the existing white wooden fence was made and passed. Further information is being obtained and will be presented at the August Business Meeting.

W.B. Caleb Pozsik and W.B. Trey Meetze recently met with a General Contractor, Loveless Commercial Contracting, and Architect, Architectural Concepts, to discuss the preliminary intent and wishes of Boyleston to renovate and upgrade our kitchen facilities. The meeting was a great collaborative consultation that yielded a visualized layout and introductory design. The information discussed and gathered will allow the Architect to prepare an initial schematic layout that will be able to be shared at the appropriate Business Meeting once received. It is important to note that this meeting was preliminary in nature and a formal request for proposal has not been made by Boyleston Lodge.

W.B. Johnny Grant, Past Master of Saluda Lodge No. 103, presented a Hand Made Woodcut gift to Boyleston Lodge as a token of appreciation for the support of Saluda Lodge. Boyleston helped Saluda Lodge after their facilities were devastated by fire and donated our existing lodge seating chairs. Brother Johnny created the woodcut in the shape of the State of South Carolina, and hand painted Boyleston Lodge No. 123 along with the date of our Charter. The woodcut is on display inside the Lodge Meeting Room.

W.B. Joe Terry, current Master of Pacific Lodge No. 325, presented Masonic Education on the history and spelling of the Boyleston surname and naming of our Lodge. Brother Joe is currently assisting the Grand Lodge with preparing an electronic registry of historical documents. During a recent scan of documents from the early 1900s Brother Joe noted the mismatched spelling of the Boyleston surname and Boyleston Lodge. Prior to our current Charter, Boyleston was spelled without the “e” as Boylston. The spelling with the “e” and without the “e” is still relatively unknown and we continue to be unsure of how the “e” was added, or if it was a misspelling that was never corrected. A copy of Brother Joe’s presentation will be uploaded to our website at a later date for everyone’s enjoyment.



EA DEGREE WORK: Thursday; July 21, 2022: Dinner 6:30PM, Start 7:30PM

EA Proficiency/ FC PRACTICE: Wednesday; July 27, 2022: **OFFICER(S) ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED**

FC DEGREE WORK: Thursday; July 28, 2022: Dinner 6:30PM, Start 7:30PM


District Deputy Official Visit (August Business Meeting): Thursday; August 4, 2022

Chicken Bar-B-Que Prep-Day: Friday; August 12, 2022

Chicken Bar-B-Que: Saturday; August 13, 2022

10th District Inspirational Meeting: Friday; September 23, 2022

Respectfully Submitted,

Caleb Pozsik

Worshipful Master, 2022

July 2022 Trestle Board
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