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January 2022 Trestle Board

Hey Brothers!

On Thursday, January 6, 2022 we held our regular business meeting at our normal time.

During the meeting, we discussed health and happiness, sickness and distressed, correspondence received, and read the names referred for Degree(s) of Membership, reinstatement, and demit. The Meeting Minutes from December 2021 were read aloud, Secretary’s report was given, Old business was discussed, new business was introduced, and the Treasurer’s report was read.

Motions for donations to help with disaster relief for the storms suffered in Kentucky and a Memorial Fund established for Most Worshipful Brother Michael D. Smith, past Grand Master of South Carolina, were presented and pasted.

New business introduced focused on the Security of the Lodge and having the locks re-keyed. Over the years several keys had gone missing and not all keys could be accounted for during the change of Lodge Officers. It was noted that the locks had not been re-keyed in over ten years / since the new addition had been completed. A motion was presented to have the locks re-keyed, and the motion carried.

The Boyleston Lodge Committees for 2022 were read aloud and the complete list of Committees and their members can be found attached. Committee Chairs are listed below:

Audit: ........................ George Brown

Building: .................... Trey Meetze

By-Laws: .................... Ray Boland

Community Service: ... Ron Lockaby

Grounds:.................... Bill Bouknight

Masonic Education .... Nick White

Masonic Funeral ........ Gene Swygert

Needy ........................ Jud Close

Security ..................... Robert Woods

Social Media ............. Chris Slaughter

Brothers are encouraged to contact either Caleb Pozsik, Bill Bouknight, or Ron Lockaby if you are interested in being on a particular committee .

Junior Warden, Rick Dillard presented the dates established for the two (2) Chicken Bar-be-que Fundraising events Boyleston will host this coming year. The first BBQ will be held Saturday, April 9th with preparation work beginning on Friday, April 8th. The second BBQ will be held Saturday, August 6th with preparation work beginning on Friday, August 5th. More information to come as the date approaches.

As some of you may remember from previous correspondence received during November and December, the “Traveling Gavel” made it to Boyleston Lodge during the month of December. Members of Little Mountain Lodge 281 attended our January Business Meeting to retrieve the Gavel and our Kitchen Flag. The Traveling Gavel is a great way to motivate visitor attendance at other Lodges throughout the State of South Carolina. Little Mountain’s Business meeting will be held this Tuesday, January 11th. It is encouraged that the Brother’s of Boyleston Lodge attend the Business Meeting and help re-take the Gavel to bring it back to Boyleston!


Practice for All Degree Work will be held on the Sunday before at 1:00PM at the Lodge

Thursday; January 13, 2022: Entered Apprentice Degree Work. Dinner at 6:30PM. Start at 7:30PM

Thursday; January 20, 2022: Fellow Craft Degree Work. Dinner at 6:30PM. Start at 7:30PM

Saturday; January 22, 2022: Master Mason Degree Work. Breakfast at 8:00AM. Start at 9:00AM.

Hope to see everyone at Lodge this month!

Respectfully Submitted,

Caleb Pozsik

Worshipful Master 2022


  • 2022 Officers

  • 2022 Boyleston Lodge Committees

2022 Boyleston Committees
Download PDF • 123KB

2022 Boyleston Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master

Caleb Pozsik

Senior Warden

Robert "Rob" Woods

Junior Warden

Richard "Rick" Dillard


RW Ron Lockaby


RW Bill Bouknight

Senior Deacon

Steven Lourigan

Junior Deacon

Trevor Edwards


Andrew Wright

Senior Steward

Casey McDermott

Junior Steward

Chris Slaughter


David Eisenhower


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