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April 2023 Trestle Board

Greetings Brothers,

Time rolls on and we’re into the Month of April already. We had another great meal and gathering for the Business Meeting. We opened in the normal fashion and moved right along as we had a lot to cover.

We took in (2) new Petitions for Membership, (1) Petition for Reinstatement and investigation committees were assigned. We then balloted on (1) for Reinstatement, (2) for Fellowcraft Degree, (2) for Master Mason Degree and all were elected.

Old Business

JW Steven gave the final report on our Spring Chicken Barbecue and presented the Lodge with a check for $6000.00.

All facets of the Barbecue worked very well and I was so proud of the job that Steven did and the response of the Brothers stepping up and completing all tasks needed.

RW Ron reminded everyone of the Fireflies baseball game coming up on May 6th. As in the past Ron has a block of tickets where everyone sits together and has a good view of the game. The cost of the tickets is $11.00 and you can pay Ron, who will have the tickets by the business meeting in May. You can call Ron to get tickets and pay him at the meeting. The starting time of the game is 6:05pm and I believe there will be fireworks.

The Grand Lodge has asked all of the Lodges to put their By-Laws into the same format, and RW Ray Boland is in charge of the committee. He reported at the meeting that he is almost finished and will read the By-laws at the next business meeting. All members of the Lodge should have a copy of the By-laws.

I brought up at the last business meeting that I wanted to have a Lodge family picnic. Plans are being made and the date and location is set. The date is Saturday May 13th and the location is Dreher Island State Park. I have already reserved shelters 13 and 14. There is a dock if you want to bring your boat and I’m checking how close it is to the shelters. There are also bathroom facilities available. One of our brothers is planning activities for the kids and we’ll also have cornhole boards. This picnic is for all Brothers and their families. If we have good participation, I’m hoping this will become an annual event. The Lodge will supply the hot dogs and hamburgers and I’m asking all who attend to bring a side dish and dessert. The lodge will bring tea and if you prefer different (non-alcoholic) beverages you should bring them. I need to know how many are coming, by the next Business Meeting on May 5th. Please call, text, email, or see me at the meeting to give me a count. If you have a prospective candidate, bring him and his family along. I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone.

New Business

SD Casey McDermott made a motion to see about removing the star at the altar and replacing it with mosaic black and white tile that a majority of Lodges have. The motion was seconded and passed. Casey will talk to different installers and report to the Lodge.

Before I get to the work for the month, one evening, the week before last Casey noticed he heard water running and it turns out we had a leaking water line going into the Lodge. Next day Brother Albert Wayne Stoudemire and RW Bill investigated and Albert contacted a plumber who had it fixed in 2 days at a very reasonable cost. Thank you for your dedication to the Lodge.


No EA or FC for this month.

Thursday April 20th MasterMason Degree, dine at 6:30pm meeting at 7:30pm

Wed. 19th MM practice 7:00 at the Lodge.


Jud B. Close, PM

Worshipful Master, 2023

April 2023 Trestle Board
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