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November 2021 Trestle Board

Greetings Brothers,

Here we are in November already, this year is flying by. As per our custom this month is election of officers combined with awards night. We had a very nice meal and a nice crowd to match. We started the meeting in the usual fashion and after having a prayer for the sick and distressed we went to refreshment so we could make the awards with family members present. Awards were given for 25, 40, 50, 60, and 70 years of service. If the Brothers were not in attendance to receive their awards, the awards will be mailed or hand delivered to them.

After being brought to labor, the minutes of last months meetings were read and approved. Bro. Sec. read (1) Petition for Reinstatement. We balloted on (1) for Dual Membership, (2) for EA Degree, and (4) for MM Degree and all were elected.

Old Business

As we told you before, the Decided Church, who is buying the old Richland #39 building, is going to pay off the building by the end of December. Typically, when lawyers are involved, there are a lot i’s to dot and t’s to cross and finish some paperwork that wasn’t completed when Boyleston acquired the building. Consequently, there is a lot of work to complete this transaction, and thanks to the Grand Lodge solicitor and Sec. Bill Bouknight, I’m confident that they will get this done. Thank you

New Business

I brought up at the meeting some “food for thought” after conferring with several Brothers in the Lodge, I think now is the perfect time to investigate upgrading our kitchen and bringing it up to code. We are going to get a lump sum from the sale of the Richland #39 building and this project needs to get done before we’re forced to do it. Since SW Caleb oversees this kind of work, he has volunteered to head a committee getting some quotes and recommendations. This will be a well-thought-out process, looking at all aspects of the project. This reminds me of the process we went through and ended up adding the addition to the building.

Both the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s report were read and all was in order.

This month is another month that we participate in the Adopt-a-Highway litter pickup.

This is happening on Sat. Nov 13th. We’ll have breakfast at 7:00am and get to work at 7:30am. This job is made easy by having a good group of Brothers (friends and family are welcome) come and help. If there is not a good number that shows up it will be a lot harder of a job, so let’s pitch in and help our Brothers out to benefit the community. After we’re done with that project, I would appreciate some Brothers staying behind to help put the stacked wood in the pits.

Election of Officers

Worshipful Master: Caleb Pozsik

Senior Warden: Rob Woods, PM

Junior Warden: Rick Dillard

Treasurer: RW Ron Lockaby

Secretary: RW Bill Bouknight

Appointed Officers

Senior Deacon: Steven Lourigan

Junior Deacon: Trevor Edwards

Senior Steward: Casey McDermott

Junior Steward: Chris Slaughter

Chaplain: Andrew Wright

Tiler: David Eisenhower

Work for the Month

Thursday November 11th - EA Degree - Dine at 6:30pm, Meeting at 7:30pm

Thursday November 18th - FC Degree - Dine at 6:30pm, meeting at 7:30pm

Because of the Holidays and schedule conflicts, the MM Degrees will be conferred in January next year.

Saturday November 13th - Adopt-a-Highway Litter Pickup - Breakfast 7:00am, Work 7:30am

Please have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy your families and travel safe.

Jud Close

Worshipful Master, 2020 & 2021

2020 & 2021 Boyleston Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master

Jud B. Close

Senior Warden

Caleb Pozsik

Junior Warden

Cole Smith


RW Ron Lockaby


RW Bill Bouknight

Senior Deacon

Richard "Rick" Dillard

Junior Deacon

Danny Hughes


Christopher Johnson

Senior Steward

Chris Faircloth

Junior Steward

Michael Roberts


Frank Eargle


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